President’s Message

Landon Blake, President

I’d like to start our October 2017 Newsletter by thanking everyone that supported our third annual Sierra Chapter Engineering Excellence Awards. We had great attendance at the dinner, and provided a warm welcome to our award winners. We also welcomed our scholarship recipients. I appreciate everyone’s attendance, and the hard work by Debbie, Kathy and Debanik to make sure the dinner was a success. I hope you will join us for the joint meeting with SAME this month.

I wanted to include a couple quick thoughts of the importance of ACEC California and our Sierra Chapter play as civic organizations. As I’ve gotten older, and learned more about economics, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for civic organizations. Why are civic organizations so important?

Civic organizations fill a role in society that isn’t met entirely by the government or private business. Strong civic organizations are an important part of what has made our capitalist economy in the United States successful. What quality makes ACEC California a beautiful civic organization to me? It is the way private businesses (who

are often market competitors) come together to work on common problems or issues. This willingness to work hand-in-hand with market competitors represents a selflessness and concern for the greater good that we need more of in our modern world, and in modern business. ACEC California is truly at its most beautiful when our member firms work together, not just to protect our business interests, but to improve our society, our economy, and our communities.

How does ACEC work to improve our society, our economy, and our communities? There are obvious ways. These include:

Our awarding of scholarships to students from both within and outside the civil engineering and land surveying professions.

Our recognition of public agencies and engineering teams that design and construct projects that are beautiful, functional, and affordable.

Our delivery of education and promotion of high standards of professional practice. These high standard benefit all of our clients and the communities in which we work.

There are also non-obvious ways in which ACEC California improves our society, our economy, and our communities. These include:

Promoting policies that lead to the prudent use of tax payer dollars.

Encouraging public agencies to follow the law.

Asking and answering tough questions about new technology that are changing our communities in addition to our professions.

Developing innovative solution to the challenges we face in affordable housing, transportation and water supply.

I hope ACEC will continue this work of improving our society, our economy, and our communities. While engaging in this work, I also hope that ACEC member firms will continue to cooperate with our competitors to accomplish goals that are not governed strictly by what benefits our professionals financially, but one what benefits our clients and the places we choose to call home. It is while reaching those type of accomplishments that our civic society is at its most beautiful.

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