Gayleen Darting, Regional San – Meeting Recap

Debanik Chaudhuri, Chapter Director

Our planned speaker for the May 17th meeting, Jose Ramirez of Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) unfortunately could not attend due to illness.  Ms. Gayleen Darting graciously agreed to take his place and present on the same project, South County Agriculture and Habitat Lands Recycled Water Program, better known as the South County Ag Program.  The project would involve transmission and distribution of tertiary-treated wastewater from the treatment plant for agriculture.

Gayleen, an associate civil engineer and project manager at Regional San, has been working on the South County Ag Program for the last several years.  Gayleen talked about the environmental benefits that the program will bring to the region.  The benefits will include increased groundwater storage, conservation of surface water, and restoration of fish habitat. She also discussed about the design of the project, and the project schedule.

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