Third Annual Engineering Excellence Awards

Sierra Chapter of ACEC-CA
Third Annual Engineering Excellence Awards

2016-2017 Project Nominations

ACEC-CA Sierra Chapter Member Firms:
The Sierra Chapter Board is excited to announce the third year of our Chapter Engineering Excellence Awards Event that will be held this fall on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. Not to be confused with the statewide competition, this chapter event has a simple nomination process and aims to promote the great work that our member firms are doing in our region. Our aim is to recognize deserving accomplishments and highlight these successes to clients and other member firms.

Please complete the enclosed nomination form for your best project(s)! Our committee will review the entries, select and announce winners.

Do you have a project that you will be submitting to statewide competition? Submit it for the chapter awards, too!

Do you have a project that doesn’t fit well into an award category? Suggest a category for it and, if the awards committee finds it to be deserving, the committee will create an award for it!

The timeline for this event is quick, but the application doesn’t require a lot of effort so fill out an application to get recognition for your outstanding work!

We’re planning a special evening to celebrate the award winners and all entries will be included in a slideshow that will play during the reception.

We’re looking forward to receiving all the great entries and seeing you all at the awards dinner with your clients.


Sierra Chapter Awards Committee

Sierra Chapter 2017 Excellence Awards – Timeline
July 7 Nominations Due
July 21 Winners Announced
July 31 Invitations Sent
September 20 Awards Reception Dinner

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